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Medical Intuition
Online Course
November Intake Now Open!
Course access from November 23rd 2020
ONLY 15 spaces available
Learn How to Heal ANY Medical Condition by Joining our Revolutionary Medical Intuition Online Course! 
An invitation for mothers, intuitives & healing practitioners...

Discover How to Bridge Medical Science, Psychology & Soul Work with Spirit Alchemy…

When you enrol in the Medical Intuition Online Course you’ll finally get the answers you’ve been seeking and everything will click into place.

Imagine Being Able to...

Accurately analyse and transform the physical & energetic anatomy of the body—yours and that of your family or clients...
Increase your health & happiness and help others increase theirs...
Enhance your intuition and develop an X-Ray-like vision to scan the bodies of loved ones & clients and help them move beyond pain, illness and disease…
Receive profound wisdom that has only just landed on the planet and be one of the first to walk the path as we transition into a new realm of being.

Deep dive into cutting-edge Medical Intuition, and experience the dance of science & intuition.

Hear what past participants have to say....

I’m going to reveal the secret weapon of knowledge that lies dormant within you that has the power to revolutionise the way you look at everything… not just your health…

This course is for you if...

You have a deep desire to create change on the planet and raise healthy, happy children.


You want to grow a successful company as a leader and be instrumental in facilitating massive transformational change for clients & the planet


You’re overwhelmed, anxious and confused about the conflicting information available to you!


Maybe your health is declining or your child is unwell. Despite having done the rounds in the medical system, you’re lacking answers. And that is frightening you!


You want to be seen as a good mum. You want to give your child the best opportunities to create abundance and health. But a voice deep inside of you keeps telling you, “You’re not doing enough!”

I understand how it feels to spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to find answers. It can be a frustrating, scary and troubling experience.
Kind words from past students...

"I know when the course came up it was one of those few times that I didn't actually hesitate, over analyse or doubt myself.... it was an instant YES. I trusted the yes and have loved it. Very grateful for the teachings Michael, thank you"

Trudy Armstrong

"Trust your inner feelings if you are looking to do this amazing course. Let your heart make the decision. I did and it is a fantastic journey to find myself through my own intuition"

Maurice Adams

"It’s a course to understand why you have pain. Your holding patterns that stems from your traumas and you can be healed from that  by understanding how they have penetrated your body."

Ivy Wong

"It is more than just intuition, it has been more grounding for me than how people perceive intuition. I have used the insights from body parts and aches to understand more of my body's signals.  This course is action based and I see it far more as a bridge to changing what medical healing could look like. This course has shown me the urgency of my health issues."

Michelle Langsam

"This is a life changing course. It offers insight into how our bodies work, why we have trauma, how we can scan our bodies and heal. It gives meaning to a lot of questions about soul, spirit, intuition and the power of healing. It saves all those appointments to  kinesiologists and nutritionists, etc. Most importantly, we learn to help our children who will not live in the dark we lived in. It makes sense, all of it. "

Ina Pletea

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone . I've loved every module. The presentation is awesome , very well delivered with truth , honesty and beautiful Energy . Well done to you Michael , Your  are an Amazing BEING .   Love , Gratitude  and blessings to you ."

Megan Williams

Learn to Trust Your Intuition, Fulfil Your Purpose and Receive Clarity & Peace of Mind!

Medical intuition is going to be the new medical system in years to come. As more and more people wake up and search for the truth, this will become the new science.

Right now, you have a fantastic opportunity to get in early, before everyone else tries to jump on the train. 

Your family, friends and community need you to step into your purpose and share your gifts. 

And the fact that you’re here, reading this, proves to me that you’re a seeker who has been waiting for this moment for a long time. 

Are you ready to take charge of your health and that of loved ones?

Own Your Medical Intuition
What you will learn by joining this course...

During this course you’ll discover everything you need to know about Medical Intuition so that you can make informed decisions, utilise your new-found abilities to activate the self-healing powers of your body and be able to protect the health and wellbeing of yourself, loved ones and clients.

The Highly Effective Medical Intuition Process

Open yourself up beyond the physical senses and being.

Discover the tested and proven 3-step process that opens up your medical intuition, rapidly.

Heal Yoursel

Know how to heal yourself and others, no matter how big or small the issue. 

Get expert guidance so you understand and know how to heal the 3 major traumas in life to be able to unblock your body.

Expanding Energy

Explore evolved energy wisdom in a way that has never been shared with you before.

Learn how energy flows and creates matter, discover the 5 critical energies that are inside and outside that govern your health and life as we know it.

The Brilliant Body Unveiled

Take a deep-dive into the 11 major systems and the 7 major tissues of the body that govern our health & wellbeing.

The Brain Code

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Uncover the 3 core aspects of the brain and how to hack them (cognitive function & reprogramming the brain)

Mapping The Mind

Understand the key mind cycles and experience...

Experience clarity about the mind that will feel like you have been hit by a thunderbolt of wisdom.

The Soul Reunion

Your soul is calling. It's time for you to...

Honour your highest wisdom. Give yourself the gift of Medical Intuition and empower your loved ones and clients to benefit from this amazing science.

Debunking Disease

Shine a light onto the root cause of disease, debunk the 6 stages of disease, learn about the 5 critical energies and understand how they transition from energy to physical disease.

Trusting Your Intuition

Come to know your intuitive strength, develop your intuition, develop your ability to do psychic body scans and drop into trust with practical guidance. 

Clarifying Your Intuition

There are colours, shapes and objects known amongst the cosmic world, which have profound meanings that aid with health and healing. 

You will learn how to recognise the signs and interpret the messages you receive from your own innate wisdom

Biology Foundations

Intelligent words sound great, but what do they actually mean and what role do they truly play in health? 

We'll look at minerals, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients, debunking the language of health and what it means.

Get Bonuses Worth Over $2,955

You’ll get access to Michael’s wisdom for any questions you may have.

You will gain access to all bonus content.

Medical Intuition Online Course
If you want answers, clarity and a proven way to access the profound self-healing capability of the body, mind & soul you will join  us in this revolutionary online course.

Access  to  a private  community forum to ask questions


Lifetime access to all course content


Access to our closed Facebook Group to share experience


Course start date 23rd November 2020


All pricing is inclusive of GST

Payment Plan

Monthly Instalments ~ Total $1,800

These Stats ARE Concerning!
How Will You Protect Yourself & Loved Ones?

Chronic health issues in Australia are on the rise: 47.3% of Australians had one or more chronic conditions in 2017-18, an increase from 2007-08 when two-fifths (42.2%) of people had one or more chronic conditions.


Medical errors result in 18,000 unnecessary deaths in Australia and more than 50,000 patients become disabled each year.


Mental health issues are increasing among Australians, with 4.3 million people receiving mental health related prescriptions in 2018-19.

Should you be worried?

Yes and no. Yes, if you’re reading this and do nothing.

No, if you act on this and learn to practice medical intuition. 

You’ll thank me later.

"High frequency energy flows through the hands of those who have healed themselves."
― Michael Clarke

Allow Me to Share My Story With You & Hold the Door Open As You Decide Which Way to Step Next...

Hi, my name is Michael Clarke. I’m a Medical Intuitive and have the innate ability to see through the walls of the physical body. I can see how your Organs, Glands, Cells, Bones and Inner Systems are functioning. 

And now I share with you the true power of Medical Intuition as it unfolded with a client of mine...

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, in April 2018 I met a young woman who was 30 weeks pregnant. As she stood in front of me and I began to analyse her body, I immediately saw that her blood was lacking oxygen.

As I scanned her body, I was pulled to her throat where a lump was present. As I went deeper to assess the lump, I could see that the lump was her thyroid. 

Her thyroid was 3 x its natural size. But it wasn’t the enlarged thyroid that shocked me…

3 More Reasons to Say “YES” to This Course!

Reason #1: You will receive evolved wisdom that no one else is sharing on this planet and it gets results, fast. 

Reason #2: You will receive a holistic approach that incorporates every aspect of a human being, including their family and environment. 

Reason #3:  You genuinely care about and connect with people as if they’re family. You value community, connection and communication.

Like you, I care about my health and the health of loved ones…

Because the alternative is unimaginable!

I know how it feels to watch a loved one perish in front of my eyes due to the manipulations of the medical system.

My mother passed away on New Year’s eve. She was diagnosed with cancer 18 months prior. The thing is, she didn't have cancer.

I could see the cause of her body's dysfunction was a lifetime of suppressed emotions, which manifested as an NF1 gene defect creating a benign (non cancerous) tumour in her brain.

I shared this with her and she knew it to be true, but she struggled to trust her cosmic wisdom and chose to follow the advice and fear mongering of her doctors.

As a result, chemo completely destroyed her body and health. But that wasn't enough for the doctors as they now wanted her to go through another procedure which meant taking a drug called Avastin.

This drug and procedure perforated her bowel, eventually leading to her death.

Sadly, she never got to celebrate the start of 2020.

The truth is… a lot of people don’t act until there’s a symptom or a manifestation of a disease. 

But if you deal with symptoms ONLY (like the medical establishment), there will be side effects—including death—because you haven’t dealt with the CORE ISSUE.

That’s exactly what happened to my mum.
I don’t want that to happen to you, a loved one or a client.

Medical Intuition Online Course
If you want answers, clarity and a proven way to access the profound self-healing capability of the body, mind & soul you will join  us in this revolutionary online course.

Access  to  a private  community forum to ask questions


Lifetime access to all course content


Access to our closed Facebook Group to share experience


Course start date 24th November 2020


All pricing is inclusive of GST

Payment Plan

Monthly Instalments ~ Total $1,800

Why You’ve Been Struggling to Access Ancient Wisdom & Truth!

Bruce Liption, a well-known American developmental biologist once stated, “Medicine does miracles, but it’s limited to trauma. The AMA protocol is to regard our physical body like a machine, in the same way that an auto mechanic regards a car. When the parts break, you replace them—a transplant, synthetic joints, and so on. Those are medical miracles.”

Modern medicine blames the vehicle (body) when something goes wrong. What it doesn’t consider is that each vehicle (body) also has a driver (the human).

Essentially, this boils down to ONE simple truth!

You have an ability to move your body beyond pain, illness and disease and do the same for loved ones and clients.

The only thing stopping you from your truth right now is the constant manipulation and the fact that you’ve forgotten how to do this. 

I’m going to help you remember your truth and teach you how to access your medical intuition.

But before you can make an informed decision I must reveal to you the various levels of manipulation that are stopping you from being your own medical guide.

The fact that we have to be here and write to you about your health proves the point I’m trying to make!

The Three Common Types of Manipulation
#1: Medical:

The problem with the western medical system is that its main focus lies in treating symptoms—not the root cause of illness.

Many doctors are trigger happy, handing out pills and subscriptions as if it were a promotional marketing stunt (it is)...

Resulting in unpleasant side effects for patients and robbing them of a chance to move beyond their illness. 

There's cancer in that!

#2: Media:

The media is dominated by big pharma.
Big pharma has one interest only.
To bank massive profits & pay shareholders. 

Case in point…

The Viagra pill was initially created as a heart disease tablet.
But during the trial phases men were getting erections.
So pharma decided to repurpose Viagra into a product that treats erectile dysfunction —what many people don’t know is Viagra has been reported to create heart problems. Nuff said!

#3: Marketing:

As marketing budgets grow and contract, in line with our economy, so does the onslaught of hype and pushy sales tactics that are geared towards ONE thing… to enrich the pockets of advertisers.

While we’re all trying to make money in some shape or form, I draw the line when advertising dollars are toying with the lives of real people like you. Health should never be a gamble. 

So I ask you to keep an open mind and to search for the truth!

Medical Intuition Online Course
If you want answers, clarity and a proven way to access the profound self-healing capability of the body, mind & soul you will join  us in this revolutionary online course.

Access  to  a private  community forum to ask questions


Lifetime access to all course content


Access to our closed Facebook Group to share experience


Course start date 24th November 2020


All pricing is inclusive of GST

Payment Plan

Monthly Instalments ~ Total $1,800

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be certain that this will work for me?

Medical Intuition is a gift, created through following a process. If you can follow the simple 3-step process (which I share with you in the course), then you can be certain that this will work for you. 

In fact, people walk into our workshops and within as little as 2 hours, they’re able to accurately receive intelligence on the physical and energetic anatomy of the person in front of them.

When will I gain access to the course?

Our next intake is now open to pre-book your place in the course starting November 23rd 2020. 

How long is the course? 

This is a self paced course with lifetime access. As a guide,  if you were to spend 2.5 hours per week you will finish the course in approx 15 weeks.

How many students will I be learning with?

Each intake accepts a maximum of 15 students. You will also have access to your teacher, Medical Intuitive Michael J Clarke and past students via the Medical Intuition Community Forum.

What if I have questions throughout the course?

You can post them in the “Medical Intuition Community Forum” and you will receive a response within one week.

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